Example Live2D model project file for learning purposes

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This is a project file of a very simple model that I made. I'm distributing this in hopes that it can be a helpful learning tool/reference for others learning Live2D.

This isn't a perfect file by any means; I didn't set up draw order at all as I didn't feel it necessary for this example, and the glue is a little messy (along with not gluing the forearms and wrists as it wasn't necessary for the art). Please take this as more of another reference and not a "I have to do it this way" type thing, thank you!

Art and rigging by cillia.



Note: Face parts (eyes/mouth) are not set up with movement other than for XY head angles.

Feel free to save any of the physics settings as presets. I have included the bulk model parameter file as well, if you would like to easily import the list of parameters and folders to use in your own project files. (I would suggest doing this for a new project, not an existing one)

General Guidelines

1. Only use for learning/studying purposes.

2. Do not use as your own Vtuber model or draw on top of it to make your own model art.

3. You can add new parts/PSDs onto the model for learning/studying purposes. Do not remove the existing watermarks, and do not attach anything hateful.

  1. Do not redistribute or re-sell the model.

  2. If showing the project on stream or in a video, credit me and link back to this page.

I want this!

Live2D Cubism Editor project file with full body movement. For learning/studying purposes ONLY.

Head XYZ Angles
Body XYZ Angles
Arm Physics and leg steps
Boob Physics
Head and Body bounce physics
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Example Live2D model project file for learning purposes

77 ratings
I want this!